Walmart Customer Goes Ape Sh*t After Getting Asked To Show Receipt

We have seen Walmart workers blow up on customers and today a customer blowing his lid off back at them.

Recently I have noticed more and more stores checking your receipt and cart when you leave, I didn’t think much of it. This guy, on the other hand, is NOT a fan…


The dude wrote: “I was doing some shopping at Walmart then on the way out I was assaulted by an employee violated by a funny costumed man with a shiny badge. This parasite actually lets the employee assault me at her will while he smiled!

She broke the screen on my phone and ruined the camera. When I physically pushed her away the cop came towards me, not her!

Then for my refusal I was embarrassingly trespassed for having done absolutely nothing but spend my money there.

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Please let’s let these crazy folks know that this is not how you treat a paying customer or much less human being. Thanks for watching.

It seems like most of the comments are supporting this guy and bashing Walmart:

Check out the video below:


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