Guy Rides With Rental Company To Gas Station After Being Accused Of Ripping Them Off

This guy is going to look like such an idiot! Bonus to the end of this video. An assault! What a wild day for this dude.

The customer wrote on Facebook:
Please share: This really happened to me today. Thrifty car rental staff thought they would get away with it. Watch out for the surprise ending. Police wouldn’t attend and told me they would not press charges. What a joke. Second assault on video also. Update: Thrifty have charged $200 for the fuel.

The video has 1.5 million views and is not a good look for the company!

The smart people in the comments seem to think its a rip off: $200 for the fuel. Wtf, that tank wouldn’t even take $200 worth of Diesel lol. Consumers need more protections from predatory practices like this. SCUM

Check it out below:

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