Guy Finally Met Best Man At Wedding After Playing Xbox Together For 15 Years

This is some deep deep love. Probably more love then he has for his wife. I am not even kidding. This is a long time to be ride and dying with someone.

According to Metro: A man who met a group of friends 15 years ago on Xbox made one of them his best man – despite never having met in person.

Charles Powell, 28, married Myra, in West Chester Ohio, earlier this month and asked Josephf Morris to be his groomsman in what would be their first meeting. The wedding day was magical and one that Charles will cherish forever – but it wasn’t just watching his now-wife walk down the aisle that made it so special.

It was the friends who attended his wedding. Because Charles didn’t meet best man Josephf Morris, from Baltimore, Maryland, and guests Joseph Waters and William Brown, at college or while in a bar. He met them on Xbox back in 2003.

Charles had been playing Phantasy Star online when he met Joseph Waters, known on Xbox as ‘Sinjo’, from Detroit, Michigan.

He asked him during the game for an item called monofluid, something that gives you more magical powers, and was subsequently introduced to William Brown, ‘Wi1L B’, from Nashville, Tennessee. After playing the game with the two for a while, the three were then introduced to Josephf Morris, aka ‘Grimmjo’, who was also an Xbox-fanatic.

‘We’ve been friends ever since,’ Charles tells According to Charles, the four have been friends for around 15 years and, despite having never met before the wedding, they’ve always been incredibly close.

And so, when Charles finally proposed to Myra, he thought it’d be the perfect opportunity for the group to finally meet in real life. While Charles invited all of the guys along to his wedding, it was Josephf Morris he wanted as his best man. He explained that this was because, over the years, he’d grown closest to Josephf.

He added: ‘I knew he wanted to come down here because his father is from around here and hasn’t seen him since he was 3 so he ended up meeting him. I also knew I could trust him to show up.’

Since the big day, Charles has gone on to get loads of love online after he shared a photo of himself with Josephf to Twitter. Alongside the photo, he wrote: ’15 years of playing on Xbox live.

The first time we have ever met, and he’s a groomsman in my wedding. Online friends are real life friends.’

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