Genius Gamer Livestreams UFC Pay-Per-View By Pretending To Play ‘UFC 3’

It was smart when he did it. And it was really cool until it went viral. Now this dude is going to have the feds knocking on his door.

According to Maxim: An internet gamer’s clips have gone totally viral after he broadcast Saturday night’s UFC pay-per-view event with an ingenious—and slightly illegal—move.

One live streamer (who is clearly a veteran in the game) pulled off one of the most amazing streams of all time when he broadcasted UFC 218 from his channel all while appearing in the bottom right corner as if he was playing that shit. You know, just in case someone from UFC was peeping for any funny business.

Twitch user AJ Lester and his followers watched UFC 218 by using internet streaming service LiveRaise. He brilliantly avoided detection by inlaying his face in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and pretending to play UFC 3.

The dude really sold it, too. Controller in hand, Lester mashes buttons, grunts and even talks to the screen shortly before Max Holloway TKO’s Jose Aldo in the Hawaiian champ’s first featherweight title defense.

In another viral clip, Lester has an absolutely hilarious reaction to Francis Ngannou’s first-round knockout of veteran heavyweight Alistair Overeem.

The video that went viral has already been removed by UFC after getting 100,000’s of views!

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