Child Predator Calls Mom For Help After Being Caught Trying To Bang 15-Year-Old

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was a setup!”

Dude was so busted he literally didn’t know what to do!

Another day, another creep. This dude was trying to meet up with an underage girl he was talking with on Facebook. Only problem was it wasn’t really one and luckily these dudes ran up on him!

The comments on these videos are always just like this: I’m not a religious man but Creep Catchers are doing God’s work. Anyone who doesn’t agree with their tactics are pedo sympathizers´╗┐.

Everyone loves what they are doing and everyone wants to see the creeps get off the streets.

Sometimes the video hosting sites just remove the vids for bullying. I think it is fair game!

Check out the scumbag below:

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