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    Bullied Kid Keaton Jones Estranged Dad Also Has A Dark Dark Past

    This story seems to get weirder and weirder everyday. It starts with everyone cheering for this kid who was bullied because everyone can agree bullies suck. One day the kid was “bullied” for being racist. That pissed some people off.

    The next day it turned out his mom was racist. She went on TV and defended herself.

    Then it was alleged that she just wanted money for x-mas.

    Now the dad is in the news…

    According to UniLad: Nobody could fail to be moved by schoolboy Keaton Jones’ brave stand against the bullies who were making his life hell.

    However, disturbing revelations about Keaton’s estranged father suggest he doesn’t share his son’s message of peace.

    Keaton’s dad, Shawn White, is reportedly a white supremacist, who’s used social media to spread hateful propaganda.

    Images of White have emerged where he sports ‘Pure Breed’ and ‘White Pride’ tattoos, as well as a neck tattoo which reads ‘CWB’ – short for ‘Crazy White Boy’.

    In others, he’s dressed in an ‘SS’ sweatshirt.

    According to TMZ, since 2015, White has been serving time in a Knox County Jail.

    This sentence is for apparently violating his probation in relation to a 2012 conviction for aggravated assault.

    However, prior to his incarceration, White showed some very worrying social media activity indeed.

    Back in 2014, he posted various offensive memes with captions such as ‘HOLY F*** I LOVE BEING WHITE,’ ‘Keep Calm and be White Pride’ and ‘Aryan Pride.’

    These revelations come after pictures of Keaton’s mother, Kimberly, emerged, where she’s seen posing and smiling with a confederate flag.

    Defending her actions during an interview on CBS This Morning, Kimberly said:

    I feel like anybody who wants to take the time to ask anybody who I am or even troll through some other pictures, I mean I feel like we’re not racist.

    I mean, people that know us, know us.

    It was meant to be ironic and funny and extreme. I am genuinely truly sorry. If I could take it back, I would.

    Keaton’s sister, Lakyn, has also taken to social media to insist her family are not racist – and in another tweet, explains an Instagram account believed to be her mother’s is nothing to do with them, nor are the GoFundMe pages.

    The Instagram account was deactivated some time on Monday after MMA’s Joe Schilling posted a screenshot of a conversation with the user, who wrote to him ‘what happened to us whites sticking together?’

    One GoFundMe account which had been set up has also been shut down following the backlash, the page had raised more than £45,000.

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    Girl Considered ‘The Most Flexible “Thick” Woman’ In The USA

    We have seen the worlds sexiest Cop, Doctor, midget, firefighter, teacher, now this! What is next?!

    Now a Miami woman is making heads turn with her flexibility. She’s being called the “Most flexible woman in America!”

    Just one day I hope I can become the “most XX this in the US.

    A post shared by Rachel (@rachelfit__) on

    The woman known as Rachelfit on Instagram can practically turn her body into a U and split her legs beyond what our minds want to this is possible. We cringe thinking of trying to get anywhere close to her flexibility!

    Rachel definitely owns her superpower. She’s not afraid about sharing her skills and has posted some rather revealing photos, let’s just say!

    According to MTO: Rachel apparently offers private lessons, performances, and workshops in the South FL area. Hey, if you got it- flaunt it, right?

    Rachel uses her flexibility practice as a way of grounding herself through anxiety. In a recent post she shared her struggles, “So my anxiety is officially gone (for now). Those of you who have been following me and those of you who know me in real life know I had anxiety attacks last week about starting back school.”

    Here is another video:

    A post shared by Rachel (@rachelfit__) on

    “My anxiety gets bad and I actually lost 5 pounds due to not being able to keep down much food. I get dizzy, nauseous, tachycardia, depressed, and just overall feeling sick.

    I have struggled with this since I was a kid and it’s actually gotten worse as an adult. ”

    “However, today is my first day off from school this week and I actually miss it! The mind is a powerful thing! This is why it is so important for me to be careful who I trust and surround myself with as I attempt to defeat my anxiety the natural way.”

    “I generally stay off social media and distance myself from others Monday-Thursday while I have a full schedule in school but it’s simply to help myself to quiet my mind which is extremely hard for me and to make sure I don’t feel overwhelmed.

    This is officially the longest caption I ever written (and probably ever will) but I hope to inspire others with my struggles. I love you all”

    Here is annother video:

    A post shared by Rachel (@rachelfit__) on

    Well, it definitely seems Rachel is flexible in mind as well as body. It takes quite the mental strength to train yourself to separate from anxiety and be able to control it! We applaud Rachel for opening up about her struggles and how she has overcome her battles with anxiety.

    Rachel has over 139K followers on her instagram and her popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We wonder if she is going to run off with Cirque Du Soleil next?

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    The Internet Believes The ‘World’s Hottest Cop’ Has Been Found In Texas

    I am trying to think of the best way to get pulled over by this cop and see if any of that dialog on the pornhub works…


    According to Maxim:

    If we ever had to be placed in handcuffs, we’d definitely want officer Haley Drew to do the honors.

    The blonde bombshell graduated from the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Training Academy back in May, and his been cleaning up the streets of Fort Worth, Texas ever since.

    We’ve come across an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests Haley is the hottest cop in Texas. Feel free to analyze it for yourself below:

    Haley Drew, the “hottest cop in all of Texas,” is a fan of buns and guns and it shows.

    This blonde bombshell just graduated from Tarrant County Sheriff’s Training Academy earlier this year and has been happily serving her community in Fort Worth, Texas.

    When she’s not serving and protecting, she’s busying shooting, modeling, and playing outdoors in skimpy clothes.

    She’s more than happy to show off for the camera too.

    Check out a gallery of her best work below,

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    Guy Gets Friend Zoned Into Another World During Basketball Game Kiss Cam

    RIP RIP RIP. Wow. We lost a good one today guy. Hello darkness my old friend.

    The guy tweeted: NOOOOO
    Friend Zone City, Florida.
    He went in for a kiss twice and got nothin but a handshake and the cheek

    His face after nothing but pure misery….

    Has anyone checked on this guy??

    This is bad… Real bad

    You know the internet stays undefeated and already came out with a remix.


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    Trump Supporter Calls 5-Year-Old A Terrorist For Protesting

    Well that escalated quickly! You gotta remember what I always say, things are always getting recorded and WILL go viral.

    According to DailyMail:

    A shocking video has gone viral showing a group of Trump supporters being confronted for allegedly calling a five-year-old Palestinian-American girl a ‘terrorist’.

    The clip shows three Trump supporters, one man and two women, arguing with a Palestinian-American woman, teenage boy and young girl on a street inCalifornia.

    The young girl, who is holding a ‘Dump Trump’ was labelled a terrorist when her older cousin decided to confront the Trump supporters, all wearing T-shirts in support of the president and draped in American flags.

    ‘You guys are terrorists, get out of here,’ Bianca can be heard saying, as Johnny tells them to suck his d**k.

    ‘If you hate America so much leave,’ Bianca tells them.

    ‘I don’t hate America – I just hate [inaudible] f***s like you,’ the boy who was with Rawan yells back.


    This is Johnny:

    Johnny, who goes by the nickname ‘Based Spartan,’ told the Vanguard – the student newspaper for Portland State University – earlier this year that he regretted becoming involved in the so-called ‘alt right’ movement after he began noticing his comrades were brandishing swastikas.

    Rawan, who recorded the incident, told Raw Story the confrontation occurred in Los Angeles on Sunday.

    She shared the video on her Twitter page where she wrote: ‘I was walking with my 5 year old cousin these grown a** people started calling her a “little terrorist”. Yes, they’re trump supporters.’

    So far, the video has been viewed 1.65 million times


    Check out the video below:

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    Teacher Arrested After Getting Caught Banging Student She Seduced At Church

    Woah what! Even churches aren’t safe these days! High school teacher + church = a recipe for disaster here in 2017!

    According to FoxNews:

    A teacher in Texas was arrested Tuesday following an alleged sexual relationship with a minor she reportedly met while volunteering at a church.

    According to KXAN, Nicole Marie-Faires Andrews, a former middle school teacher, was accused by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office of engaging in an illicit sexual relationship with a minor she met at the Church at Canyon Creek.

    Authorities reportedly began investigating the alleged tryst in October while Andrews, 31, was a volunteer youth administrator. A spokesman for the church could not be immediately reached for comment but KXAN reported that the group is sending an email to church members to brief them on the incident.

    Andrews reportedly worked at Cedar Park Middle School until she resigned on Nov. 6. Authorities with the sheriff’s office said the minor was not a student at the school, Fox 7 reported. The school could not be immediately reached for comment.

    Williamson County Sheriff’s Office records showed that Andrews, of Cedar Park, was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and an improper relationship between an educator and student.

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    Mom of Bullied Son Defends Herself After Racist Firestorm “Diminishes His Message”

    More info from the family taking over the internet for the last week. This time the mom is speaking out.

    A bullied boy’s emotional video has won him some big-name allies. Now, 11-year-old Keaton Jones is speaking out for the first time since video posted to Facebook by his mother of him describing the pain of being ridiculed by classmates went viral. “They make fun of my nose, they call me ugly,” Keaton says in the video through tears. “I have no friends.” As the video was shared, dozens of celebrities posted messages of support for the boy.

    “New” info then started pouring out about the boy and his family.

    I have broken it down a little below but if you missed any of the drama Philly D did an excellent job of breaking it all down:

    A Facebook post after the viral video then went viral ( I wonder how many damn times I will type viral in the story… basically everything that they do is blowing up!)

    The bullied teen spoke out after he went viral:

    But that didn’t stop the storm of internet thugs stirring up old pics of the family.

    They wrote: The mother of the bullied schoolkid whose tearful pleas broke so many hearts is under fire herself. Kimberly Jones is being called out over photos showing her, Keaton, and other family members posing with a Confederate flag.

    Keaton even apologized for his mom on Twitter after the backlash. “I love my mother but I also realize wrong is wrong. I hope we can put all her mistakes in the past and focus on bettering the world,” he wrote.

    Here is the video of her speaking to Inside Edition:

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    Girl Snapchats Before & After Of Friends Wild 21st Birthday

    How did you feel when you woke up after your 21-run? If you went out like most people it ended in a disaster where you had one too many and don’t remember a thing.

    Luckily for most of us the video camera wasn’t rolling all night and what happened, happened and was never seen again.

    Not in 2017! This girl had the night of her life and it is all documented and now viral!

    Before this went out over 3.7 million people had seen how her night unfolded!

    39,000 people shared in on their Facebook!

    We really live in a time where you can’t do anything without it ending up on social media for the world to see. And if it is good enough like this, you will go viral!

    That is why we need this to be a lesson to all those friends out there. Keep hitting that record button.

    The night started out great:

    But maybe lining up 21 shots wasn’t a good idea. A few selfies later and you can tell she is GOOOOOOOONEZO!

    Ending with her hand in the toilet bowl!

    Check out the video below:

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    Bullied Kid’s Mom Now Going Viral After Being Exposed As A Racist

    This whole story is getting more and more weird and crazy. We went from a feel-good story that went viral. That may not be a feel good? Which then added a racist mother to the mix.

    If you haven’t seen the viral video this is what was shared on Facebook by the mom:

    A Tennessee woman’s heartbreaking video of her tearful son recounting being bullied at middle school has prompted a wave of support from athletes and entertainers.
    Kimberly Jones said in a Facebook post on Friday she had just picked up her son, Keaton, from school because he was too afraid to go to lunch.

    According to Barstool:

    Maybe this will change her views about people and she’ll raise her kids to be more accepting of others with differences. Or maybe she’ll cash out from her Go Fund Me.


    Here is an IG post:

    The post was shared and supported by TONS of people online. LIKE TONS! Here are just a few:

    From celebs:

    To pro athletes and teams.

    This all escalated pretty quickly:

    Jones became internet famous when his mother, Kimberly Jones, posted a heartbreaking video of him describing bullying and harassment by his classmates. But soon after, people on social media began circulating photos they said were posted to her Facebook page of people holding Confederate flags.

    We can’t tell you if the pictures are real, because her Facebook page has been wiped of everything but one post, and she has not responded to messages seeking comment. Both “Keaton” and “Go Fund Me” were trending Monday because of a GoFundMe account created in the boy’s name had raised nearly $60,000. (Update: The campaign has been halted amid the racism accusations.)

    JR Smith, as expected, reminds us that Keaton is a kid and isn’t responsible for the action of his parents.

    Now the GoFundMe might also be canned:

    The administrator of a GoFundMe drive that has collected nearly $60,000 for bullied child-turned-viral sensation Keaton Jones has halted the drive after Jones’ mother, Kimberly Jones, was accused of racism.

    Joseph Lam, the 37-year-old New Jersey man who initiated the campaign, said he didn’t know the family, but wanted to make sense of the situation and make sure everyone had Keaton’s interests at heart.

    He said he had heard from “a lot of people with concerns” about whether the mom was racist, but added: “I’m more concerned with the kid.”

    And her profiles were deleted ?

    Update: Dec. 11, 2017 6:13 p.m. EST:

    It seems as though no one can verify the authenticity of the alleged Instagram account belonging to Kimberly Jones. The previous Instagram account below, has now been wiped of its profile photo, and a Wayback Machine search, showed that it once belonged to a teenager, who may be playing an Instagram hoax and selling verified Instagram accounts.

    Update: Dec. 11, 2017 3:10 p.m. EST:

    Apparently Kimberly Jones is now the owner of a verified Instagram account and Joe Schilling was communicating with an alleged fake profile:

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    Mia Khalifa Gets Blasted After Calling Out Ronda Rousey And WWE

    Mia is back doing what she does best. Creating drama about someone else. Only this time she got SHREDDED on Twitter.

    Former Pornstar Mia Khalifa receives a ‘pounding’ from WWE great Hurricane Helms after she slams Ronda Rousey’s switch to wrestling

    It all started when Mia was discussing UFC fighter Ronda Rousey’s move to WWE on Youtube show Out of Bounds recently, the 24-year-old former adult film star said: “This is where her career will go to die.

    “I have no respect for the WWE, its not a real sport. Its embarrassing.”

    Co-host Gilbert Arenas pointed out that Rousey’s transition is probably a calculated career move. It’s likely meant to keep her from being savaged in the Octagon any further after being knocked out by Amanda Nunes in December of last year.

    Khalifa kept on coming.

    “That’s embarrassing, though,” she said, “to go from real fights to wearing a sequin unitard to pretending to fight.”

    Her comments opened the DC sports girl up to a world of criticism, most notably from former WWE star Hurricane Helms.

    But one of the WWE’s biggest fan favorites from the noughties, Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms hit back.

    He wrote on Twitter: “I’m not gonna get upset that a porn star doesn’t respect Pro Wrestling. She’s entitled to her opinion.

    “Our bodies take a pounding and well… so does hers.”



    Twitter took notice to the burn:

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